Pace of Play Policy

"We Respect Your Time at Richter Park Golf Course”

Pace of Play 4 hours & 20 minutes

Pace of Play Policy:

Management and the Richter Park Authority would like ALL of our guests and golfers to enjoy their experience! Improving the Pace of Play at the golf course can maximize this. We respect your time and realize 5 hours is way too long to play 18 holes of golf. Throughout much study we have set a Pace of Play expectation of 4 hours and 20 minutes to play 18 holes, this gives each group 2 hours and 10 minutes to play the front 9 and back 9. This pace is more than enough time for EVERY golfer to complete their round at a satisfactory pace. This will give all golfers the chance to enjoy their experience!

At Richter Park we will have Rangers (Player Assistants) on the golf course. These employees will be there to help all golfers, we will spot drives for you if there is a blind shot, and physically help a golfer find an errant shot. Our Rangers will also be out there to keep the Pace of Play moving and implementing the Pace of Pay Policy. If we determine a group is behind, and creating a delay to golfers behind them, we will politely ask the group to pick up the pace. This group will have 2 holes to close the gap from the group in front of them. Groups must keep pace with the group in front of them and not worry about the group behind them. If you do not see the group in front of you, you are probably behind pace! If the group does not close the gap and get back on pace, in 2 holes, they will immediately be asked to pick up their golf balls and move directly behind the group in front of them. If the groups moves up but continues to fall behind we will be forced to either let groups play through or explain to the group they will need to stop their round and come back for an afternoon time or play at a much better pace. If this takes place the group will be given a full rain check.

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Richter Park Management and the Authority are very thankful of everyone who chooses to play at Richter Park and we want everyone to enjoy their experience! If a group is not following the Pace of Play Policy they are affecting everyone behind them and in effect ruining others experience!

Thank you for choosing Richter Park and please keep a brisk Pace of Play!