Resident ID Pass

Getting or renewing your 2019 Danbury Resident ID an easy process!

Good for 2019 Season

  • $35 (Before April 1st)
  • $40 (April 1st, 2019 and after)

Purchase Pass

*If we are unable to verify your residency, and/or if you rent a residence in Danbury, you will need you to come into the Pro Shop to renew your resident card. Please bring a current utility bill and a photo ID with you.

**If you are signing up for a new card please fill out form and we will need you to come into Pro shop to have your photo taken and create a new card for you.

***You will receive either an email stating your Resident ID is renewed for the 2019 season or that you need to come to the Richter Park Pro Shop to show more documentation.